Wheelchair Ramp Testimonials

If you would like to share your ramp project experience in a few sentences or paragraphs, please send it in an email to ramps@WheelchairRampKits.com. I do not pay for testimonials and all of mine are from real customers. Building wheelchair ramps can be a daunting concept and people are looking for others that have gone down this path.

Posted August 3, 2016

The wheelchair ramp arrived this afternoon and we got straight to work. They are completely installed in less then two hours. I cannot thank you enough. I’m so excited about this wonderful ramp kit. I will be taking my dog for her first walk today, just the two so us. It is all possible because you and your product. I am so pleased with this ramp kit and cannot wait to build one for our front porch next. It is beautiful!


Because of the affordability, I am able to have ramp the length I needed. It is very frustrating for any mother to put her own needs first. So to save money, I was originally going to go with the shortest ramp I could manage.


Your product truly has improved my quality of life. Built in less time than it takes me to make dinner. I am so grateful. You have given me back the ability to be MOM. It is such a blessing to be better able to serve and care for my children, instead of the other way around (lol).


The added blessing is that because I could build the wheelchair ramp twice as long, I will also be able to use my rollator (walker) to walk up and down as well. May God bless you and your company. Call (913) 553-1488 for more details.

Posted July 23, 2016

Chuck, I wanted to thank you for putting together a great product. We (family) needed to build a wheelchair ramp for my mom to have easier access. My mom got an estimate of $13,000 just for the ramp, which was too expensive. So, I found your site on the Internet. The porch needed to be raised 6” then the ramp needed to drop 36”. Our ramp ended up being 32‘ of ramp. We used two 16‘ ramps with a platform halfway down. I modified the directions and we built an inexpensive U-shaped ramp (rather than the L-shaped ramp that you suggested). My mom is using the ramp almost every day and she feels that she has more freedom.


The build took three days because of the porch modification. Your buy list was very complete, but I took a really long time to figure out what I needed to build the porch up. We spent $1300 to re-do the porch, build the ramp and as a bonus added handrails. The porch modification (for the landing) was the most expensive part of the whole build...and yes we are really proud of this. Mom loves it. Thank you. The wheelchair ramp kit made the whole thing possible so we could use standard lumber.


Thanks again. The wheelchair ramp part was the easiest part of the whole build.

Posted June 24, 2016

Wheelchair ramp kits was a great alternative to paying $350 to rent a wheelchair ramp when my son visited us last month. I built a 12” ramp with the following modifications after purchasing two of the ”top” aluminum pieces. However, using this to join the two 6‘ sections makes a big bump in the middle. Happily they took back the unused piece at full price. Here were the modifications:

  1. Two pieces of 2 × 12 boards each about 3‘ long. I used long screws to attach each one underneath the ramp between the two sections. These screws are removable, so I can disassemble the ramp for later use. Make sure you build a sturdy support for underneath the joined area.
  2. Since my doorways are 30” I utilized 2 × 10 pieces for the outer boards, and a 2 × 12 for the single inner piece (this made my ramp 30.5” wide, same as the doorway. Also made it lighter).
  3. The edges are 1‘ × 6‘ boards (also to keep the weight down). Cost of all the wood was about $90 at Lowe’s.

Wheelchair ramps was very helpful through all of this and returned my money promptly for the part I returned. I highly recommend using them.

Posted June 23, 2016

Before purchasing from http://www.WheelchairRampsDIY.com, I had searched for wheelchair ramp building plans all over the internet. Once I saw the video I was hooked.


One weekend I purchased the wood and the next day a friend helped me build my ramp. We followed the downloaded instructions to the T and about an hour later we were placing it on my steps. A quick test drive with my electric scooter and we were done.


I added the support beam the next weekend and that was a breeze as well. The top and bottom plates were well made and the thickness of the aluminum material it truly heavy duty.


While I should only need the ramp for three months during my recovery I’m sure I can donate it to another person in need because I’m sure the wheelchair ramp will serve for many years.


Thank you,

Posted April 26, 2016

I built a 16’ long ramp with a 22” rise. So, I ordered two ramp tops and one bottom, but I only used one top.


I also built two eight-foot ramps and butted them together. Then I bought a 3” flat aluminum threshold at LOWES to make the transition smooth. This was built for a family member that is using a knee walker for about three months. So using Chuck’s handrail plans were very easy to follow and very secure. I put another vertical brace to join the two eight-foot hand rail ends. This was to make the ramps more secure.


My family member now uses the ramp every day without problems. I will be using the other top to make a removal ramp for our house. As a result, a neighbor who uses a walker can come over for deck parties.


Instructions are very detailed and easy to follow. Chuck is really helpful and was persistent in tracking me down. This is because his response went to my SPAM folder. I thought he had not responded but he actually did.

Posted April 23, 2016

It is a pleasure dealing with a company that knows what customer service is all about. I spoke with Chuck for about thirty minutes and explaining to him my situation. He not only verified my angle of the ramp, but he also sent an email to help me with the spacing requirements. This helped me brace the eleven-foot ramp.


Also, he suggested that I didn’t need the top plate and should only order the bottom plate from him. Consequently, I found Chuck to be very honest and caring regarding what was best for building my ramp.


I highly recommend this quality product and will definitely order from Chuck again should the need arise. Call (913) 553-1488 for more details.

Posted March 10, 2016

The project was a hit with my Dad whom I built it for. He is 82 years old with COPD that uses a wheelchair and rolling walker to navigate. He constantly tells me how much he appreciates it.


The ramp kit was used for a 9” high garage step into the house. The instructions were great and easy to understand. The funny thing is it almost took longer to go pick up the lumber at the “big box store” than it did to assemble the ramp. Ha!


My two young sons ages 8 & 9 assisted in the project for their Grandfather which made it more of a special project, while teaching the younger generation that a little work is very rewarding.


Thanks for having the idea to manufacture and market the kits, so that DIY guys like myself can save a buck or two and enjoy the building process. I highly recommend your ramp kits. Feel free to add this review to your website.

Posted January 25, 2016

What an AMAZING product and awesome customer service! We were moving my dad and his wife into our home in less than a month and needed to build a ramp quickly and on a budget.


Both my dad and his wife have MS and use electric wheelchairs and scooters to get around. Our front walkway has three steps and a small landing. I had been searching for weeks trying to find instructions on how to build a ramp. All I found were expensive contractors and REALLY expensive pre-made ramps. I knew we could do it on our own – but we needed help. And boy did we find it!


Chuck was SO GREAT to work with. He walked us through everything, told us which parts to purchase on his site, and what to buy at the hardware store. Everything was way less expensive than I expected. And when the parts and instructions arrived it was incredibly easy to put everything together. The ramp is perfect and we’re so thankful to have found Chuck and wheelchair-ramps-designs.com. I HIGHLY recommend Chuck’s products and service to anyone looking to build a ramp at home.

Posted December 26, 2015

Thank you Chuck for all of your assistance. You ensured I had the correct ramp during the holidays in a very quick timeframe. You followed up with my family as promised. Thank you again and I will be sure to keep your name for referrals.

Posted December 21, 2015

My mother-in-law needed a ramp. So, I immediately started researching ways to build ramps. It needed to be cheap and with safety in mind. Then I found a video on Youtube where Chuck explained his kit. I was impressed but decided to go to craigslist to find an alternative.


The market for inexpensive safe ramps is not booming to say the least. Therefore, I went back to this site and started looking deeper into the product. After a conversation with Chuck on the phone, I was convinced that this was the way to go.


Even though I am not a very handy person, this project is for the person who is not very handy. Chuck details all the tools and lumber needed. He also addresses many of the common issues encountered when building a ramp. Best part is, this ramp is very portable and easy to take apart when the ramp is no longer needed.


In conclusion, if you have a need for a ramp and are at the novice level of handyman skills, save money and time and get this unit. 5 stars in my book.

Posted December 16, 2015

We recently ordered a ramp kit and were very pleased with the way it turned out. Furthermore, everything arrived very quickly. So, I appreciated the email from Charles offering help along the way if we needed it.


The directions are very precise and easy to follow. Also, the detailed list of materials make it easy to find what we need in Home Depot.


My husband and I are definitely not very handy. However, this was a project we could accomplish without much difficulty. I was very happy the way the ramp came together in a reasonable amount of time without a lot of angst. All you need are simple tools that almost everyone has. As a result, this made the project within the reach of people who are not usually DYIers.


The ramp is proving very helpful. It allows my parents to get in and out of the house without the fear of steps. It also made me more confident that they won’t fall. Thanks!

Posted December 15, 2015

I needed to build a 16’ wheelchair ramp for my sister. So, I was doing some research on the internet when I came across your website.


I found the prices to be very reasonable and the instructional video to be extremely informative. The ramp needed to be very long. Therefore, I added additional support to keep it from bouncing as you walk on it. I also used roof shingles for traction since it snows where my sister lives.


Consequently, the project cost me less than $300, took me about 3 hours to complete (with another person) and looks great! Thank you!

Posted November 29, 2015

Chuck I want to thank you for a great product and the fast delivery. I had been researching ramps for an entire month before I discovered your website through your Youtube video. Your product was exactly what I was searching for.


I was in need of a ramp for my mom. She is a recent above the knee amputee but couldn’t visit my residence. Meanwhile, I didn’t want a permanent fixture because I am relocating to another state early next year. Consequently, I did not want to discourage potential buyers with an over the top ramp taking away the curb appeal.


I am a 54 year old female with basic carpentry skills, So I am able to build the 16’ ramp with very little assistance. I completed the entire project in 2 hours and 20 minutes (that included staining the ramp to match my previously installed wood fencing and applying the grit tape).


My advice is to follow the instructions. The use of two drills will surely make the build easy. I ordered all of the items listed on the supply list (online) from my local Home Depot. They were ready upon my arrival. I called the store before I arrived to ensure that I did not receive any warped pieces of wood.


I did make one addition to the provided instructions. Because my mom has to be pushed up and down the ramp (to support the additional weight), I stacked (16) 8” concrete blocks (that I painted to match the ramp) underneath the ramp.


The ramp turned out better than expected. I finished the ramp one week ago and have already had two complete strangers ring my doorbell to ask where I purchased it. Thank you Chuck

Posted November 16, 2015

First of all I would like to say how pleased I was with the quick delivery of the ramp kit. It arrived within a short period of time after placing the order.


Now the kit arrived quickly if only our sons had been as quick!!! It took them a couple months to make it over to build the ramp. I was almost ready to tackle it myself but not that good with drills. Two sons came to the house and had the ramp completed and installed with 1 1/2 hours and it works great. We put the anti skid tape on it for now but if that does not hold up, we will buy the anti slip paint. It was just a little too cold to try painting it now. We had previously bought a metal ramp with a one year warranty. It lasted about 1 1/2 years and then it was getting really weak. This ramp with last forever.


I am so glad that I found this website and that I ordered the kit. Thank you Chuck for such a great product.

Posted November 4, 2015

I was asked to build a ramp for a lady who recently started using a wheel chair. I have built several decks and conventional ramps, but this time the budget was very tight. After finding Chuck’s website and a brief conversation, he convinced me that this was a great way to build a quality ramp on a budget. The instructions are clear and easy to follow. The aluminum parts are first rate.


In conclusion, I was able to build a 16 foot ramp in 3 sections that 1 person can handle alone. I was also able to transport everything to the site for assembly. After the sections are assembled this ramp is very solid. I finished off the project by painting it with quality porch paint and anti slip additive.


Thank you Chuck for your help.

Posted October 30, 2015

I built a 12 foot long ramp for my wife with your aluminum parts and local lumber and fasteners. Took me most of a day and was very easy and straightforward by following your clear instructions. Only problem was my age (77) and lack of help to turn and place the assembly. It will be a great help for her, so I guess a sore back is a small price. Total cost $185.00.


Thanks for a great product and service. Note from Chuck – I have no idea how John muscled a 12 foot ramp by himself. No wonder it took him a long time. Ramps longer than 8′ are a two-person job due to the weight.

Posted October 17, 2015

I looked at a variety of ramps when a friend was confined to a wheelchair after a bicycle accident. After I reviewed the video, I knew this was the right way to go. After receiving the kit and the written instructions, I found it easier than I expected. I built a 16 foot ramp and was complete in 1.5 hours. This is a great solution!

Posted October 8, 2015

Thanks for a great product. I bought the ramp kits to make two ramps for my father who has Parkinson’s. Furthermore, he has recently been having increased problems with mobility. I made one for the front porch with the standard connections and one for their sun room inside the house. So, I used the zero clearance kit. That way, they can still close the french doors to the sun room. I made both ramps easily within 2 hours.


The directions are quite clear and easy to follow. The only advice I should have paid attention to is to build them near where they will be placed. This is because they are quite heavy when completed and difficult to move.


Thanks for a quick and easy solution to my father’s mobility problem. I live 10 hours from my parents and needed a solution that could be done on a weekend including drive time. This product was perfect.

Posted September 27, 2015

Ordered the kit. It arrived promptly and the directions were very well written. The various options detailed for anchoring the ramp were particularly helpful, as I ended up having to improvise a bit; I found that where the rebar would have been used to anchor the toe of the ramp was the same area in which there were buried gas, electrical & water lines to my garage — probably not a good idea to start pounding in metal stakes.


So I used three pieces of rebar through two ganged 2 x 6 to form a “foundation” for a support at approximately the midpoint of the ramp. Keeps the top of the ramp from moving away from the step on which it sits, and supports the ramp so it’s rock solid. Thanks!

Posted September 15, 2015

As my husband’s disability progressed the need for a ramp became a necessity for him to leave the house. I too, priced out other ramp options and between the price of them and the complicated installation, I found Chuck’s website a dream.


I am not a DIY person. The video looked like it would be common sense and a little muscle. The video was reality! My sister and I are in our 50’s, and we did it!! The list of materials and the instructions are so clear! We built a 14 foot ramp. The only real challenge we had, was getting it to the top of the steps. Chuck said how heavy it would be – and it was, but we did it! (With a little help from a jack we had in the garage) I highly recommend this product to anyone!

Posted August 10, 2015

Hi Chuck, I got a friend to come over on Saturday and we got the ramps knocked out in a little less than six hours. Home Depot only sold 2 x 12 lumber in 8 foot, 12 foot, and 16 foot sections, so I ended up buying 12 foot lumber. I built two ramp sections like we discussed, one 9 feet 4 inches and the other 12 feet, so I ended up with a straight 21 feet 4 inches long ramp deck. The center connecting support was easy to build.


My wife used the ramp to get our son to the school bus in his chair for the first time this morning and called me almost in tears because it was so much easier than what she had been doing.


Thanks for your advice on the sectional ramp and an easy design. It was exactly what we needed.

Posted July 25, 2015

Chuck, Thank you for responding! I have called over a dozen people & you are 1 of the few that even said it would be possible to be done.


My very capable son will be doing the “hammering” as he’s done the work inside my home to get it ready for my husband. It will be better to call once he gets over here so this way everything is all in one place. My son should be here after 3pm EST & my home number is ***-***-6449.


I know the cost does not include a railing of any kind. I just know that by the 1”-12” rule, this thing is going to be 36 feet long. Almost as long as my home. I have attached some pictures for reference.

Posted July 18, 2015

Building a wheelchair ramp for my father was easy. I watched the YouTube video once, then I followed the step-by-step instructions that you emailed. I appreciated the supplies list, too. It was all pretty simple. My straight ramp cost $161 and took me about 45 minutes of shopping time and 2 hours of construction time (which includes prep and clean up). My parents are impressed with the ramp, and I took all of the credit! Thank you for making me look good and for helping my dad get in-and-out of the house easily.

Posted July 15, 2015

Chuck, I wanted to thank you for putting together a great product. We (family) needed to build a ramp for my mom to have easier access. My mom got an estimate of $13,000 just for the ramp, which was too expensive. So, I found your site on the Internet. The porch needed to be raised 6” then the ramp needed to drop 36″. Our ramp ended up being 32’ of ramp. We used two 16’ ramps with a platform halfway down. I modified the directions and we built a U-shaped ramp (rather than the L shaped ramp that you suggested). My mom is using the ramp almost every day and she feels that she has more freedom.


The build took three days because of the porch modification. Your buy list was very complete, but I took a really long time to figure out what I needed to build the porch up. We spent $1300 to re-do the porch, build the ramp and as a bonus added handrails. The porch modification (for the landing) was the most expensive part of the whole build...and yes we are really proud of this. Mom loves it. Thank you, the kit made the whole thing possible so we could use standard lumber. The ramp part was the easiest part of the project.

Posted July 14, 2015

The ramps arrived this afternoon a few hours ago and we got straight to work. They are completely installed in less then two hours. I cannot thank you enough. I am so excited about this wonderful ramp kit. I am going to take my dog for her first walk just me and her today and it is all possible because you and your product. I am so pleased with this ramp kit and cannot wait to build one for our front porch next. It is beautiful and because of the affordability I was able to have ramp the length I was wanting. It is very frustrating for any mother to put her own needs first and so I was originally going to go with the shortest ramp I could manage in order to save money. Your product truly has improved my quality of life in less time then it takes me to make dinner and I am so grateful. You have given me back the ability to be MOM… it is such a blessing to be better able to serve and care for my children instead of the other way around (lol).


The added blessing is that because I could build the ramp twice as long. I will also be able to use my rollator (walker) to walk up and down as well.


May God bless you and your company.

Posted June 15, 2015

First off, I want to say that I have NOT purchased anything from Wheelchair Ramp Kits.com. However, I think you will be interested in my story.


I called Chuck with questions as I knew I needed a ramp but did not know what I needed. He proceeded to ask me questions about the patient situation and then asked me questions about the different home entryways. It took me about 2 minutes to know that this guy really knows his stuff.


We explored the garage entryway, front entrance and rear entrance even though he was on the phone. He never once talked about his product. After about 20 minutes he concluded that his product was not suited for my home and that I needed to remove the steps in the garage and install a wheelchair lift.


He suggested checking on Craigslist for a wheelchair lift in cities within driving distance. After I got off the phone and thought about it, I was really flabbergasted. This guy spent a long time educating me on what I needed and it was not even his product. I actually felt guilty, which is why I am writing this for his website, as a small token of appreciation of him providing his expertise to a person that really was clueless.


I wish every business I dealt with would provide the level of customer service that Chuck did.


Thank you Chuck, I will recommend you to everyone that I run across that needs a wheelchair ramp.

Posted April 10, 2015

We were blessed to have found this site on the Internet! We had need of a portable ramp and could not find a reasonably-priced one locally or even plans for one to be constructed.


We located this site online and Mr. Palmer was so very helpful and ensured that we received the product in an expedited fashion! We purchased the items we needed locally and constructed the ramp as per instructions!


We are so satisfied with the product and the ordering process and are grateful that Mr. Palmer offers the quality product that we received!

Posted March 24, 2015

Chuck, The kit you offered was perfect for the type of ramp I needed to put in. Quick explanation is that the ramp I needed is temporary. Need not longer than six months


God willing. I am a retired engineer and wanted to design it to use inexpensive wood and be quickly removable. Also because of space limits the long portion would be forming a ten degree angle with the walk. Quite steep for pushing a wheelchair up.


I ended up with a two part ramp, one to cover the exit and landing and the longer part to reach the walk.


Posted March 22, 2015

Purchased the ramp kit from Chuck about a year ago. My wife is wheelchair bound and we needed a ramp to enter our home though the garage. It needed to be strong and safe. Saved a lot of money and it was very easy to build.


After a year of heavy use the ramp still looks brand new. Chuck and his ramps are a great buy. The whole process exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend Chuck.

Posted March 1, 2015

If you are a do it yourself person and want to save some money, Chuck’s wheel chair ramps are the way to go. I was searching the internet for plans after getting a quote from a company for more than $4000. I came across Chuck’s website and thought the concept was great and looks easy. I contemplated trying to make similar metal pieces but having experience in a sheet metal shop I know that trying to buy that quality of aluminum then having someone bend, cut, drill, would be too time consuming and expensive and not really worth it. I bought the standard top bracket and standard bottom transition. Both products are high quality.


My project was questionable because my top step was 25”. I calculated the slope using the longest 2 x 12 I could purchase which was 16’ long, the slope ended up being 8 degrees. This slope works fine for us since we always assist my 85 year old mom in a wheelchair. If the wheelchair user is unassisted this might be too steep.


Before I started my project I had questions about slope length etc. I sent Chuck an email on Sunday night and he responded promptly with answer and info and even instructions. I really was not expecting an answer back so quickly. When I ordered my product was shipped right away and came in 2-3 days.


I am super happy with the results and would highly recommend his products if you choose to build your own ramp. I have 2 photos of my finished product here.


Posted March 1, 2015

I found the customer support outstanding. That is worth repeating, “I found the customer support outstanding.” The construction process is not complicated and Chuck was more than willing to provide answers to the few questions I had.


My project involved a wheel-chair ramp. I am glad I took Chuck’s advice on determining the appropriate length of the ramp. I thought 16’ was too long but lucky for me I took some advice. It is easy to ascend without difficulty pushing my family member. She can use her walker without difficulty. I use the ramp to wheelbarrow fire wood onto my porch. (An unexpected benefit.) The construction is solid.


My ramp will last for many years. I found the difference in price of treated lumber vs. untreated minimal. I decided to use treated lumber due to longevity.

Posted February 3, 2015

Thanks for such a great product!

I was building a wheelchair ramp for my mom’s house. She’s moving in a few months so we didn’t want anything too expensive, elaborate or permanent. I was going for semi-permanent, meaning that we don’t intend to take it up and down but we also didn’t want to have to hacksaw it apart later.


Mom has had trouble climbing stairs for a while. So I made an 8 foot ramp using your system. Ended up putting the whole thing together with a drill and precut wood at Home Depot. And the whole thing cost $85.


SO thank you for a great product and a most informative video. I really thought this would be enormously complicated, expensive and beyond my abilities, but in the end it was so easy, I can’t believe my family debated how to do this for so long. I think I may have insulted my brother’s manliness in the process too!

Posted January 17, 2015

For the second time in just a few years, my wife has been confined to a wheelchair after surgery on her leg. In the first instance, I had an unsightly and far too permanent ramp built for my front entrance by a contractor friend. I was greatly pleased to demolish it when it was no longer needed.


In the present case, I thought it might be better to see if the Web could direct me to a better solution; my search led me to Chuck’s site, where I watched his instructive video on the use of his kits. While I was a happy DIYer in my middle years, I’m not especially predisposed to such projects any longer. Watching Chuck’s video, however, suggested to me that the job of building a portable wheelchair ramp might be within my current, if limited skills, and I needed a ramp by the time I would be required to take my wife to her first after-surgery checkup.


To make a long story shorter, I ordered Chuck’s portable ramp kit, which came a day sooner than promised, printed out the directions from Chuck’s order confirmation email, and set off to buy what I needed to complete the project, as provided in Chuck’s complete bill of materials, from my local Lowe’s. I decided, after a little calculation inspired by Chuck’s documentation, that a pair of eight-foot 2 x 10s should do the job for me.


On a somewhat chilly day, two days in advance of my wife’s appointment (I’m something of a procrastinator), I set about making my ramps. Within a couple of hours, give or take a few minutes, I had assembled two, quite serviceable-looking and readily portable ramps for my front porch. The beauty of these portable units is that I can store them in my garage, where they will stay dry, and bring them out only when I need to transport my wife. On the day of her appointment I hauled them out of the garage, placed them, and off we went to her appointment. When we returned, I pushed her back up the quite mild angle of the ramps with no difficulty, and, after getting her settled in the house, stowed the ramps back in the garage.


I cannot say too many good things about my entire transaction with Chuck; superlatives pall when overused. That said, I heartily recommend to anyone with even limited DIY skills that they consider creating their wheelchair ramps with Chuck’s products and assistance. The cost of the materials is miniscule, and the job within almost anyone’s abilities, given Chuck’s excellent directions.

Posted December 22, 2014

I really appreciated all the information I found on the website but most importantly found Chuck a great source for information and guidance with my project. I needed to build a ramp for my son-in-law and found the kit and information provided as top notch. Let me suggest that even though you may feel it not important to get the entire kit to save a little...it is important to trust Chuck’s advice...he is knowledgeable and HONEST! Thank You Chuck!

Posted December 14, 2014

My wife has MS and mobility became a big challenge real quick. I spent a lot of time searching the internet for ramps. They were either too expensive or complex.


I’m not exactly a handy-man, but I found wheelchirrampkits.com and decided to give it a try. It was an easy ordering and delivery process. And building the ramp was simple as well. I just watched the instructional video and followed the directions and I made two ramps, four feet long that are solid and look good too.


These ramps make getting in and out of the house so much easier for my wife on her scooter. My kids enjoyed helping with the project as well, and it made me look much handier than I Really am. (To be honest, I’m hoping to find someone else who needs a ramp, so I can build another one.)

Posted December 13, 2014

I needed a way to get my dad into my house for Thanksgiving dinner. Your portable ramp kit was the answer. The kit was easy to put together and the instructions were easy to follow. The ramp worked well getting my dad in and out of the house. Thanks.

Posted December 12, 2014

I was very happy with the whole experience. The video on the home page was very clear and I could see the ease a ramp could be completed with the kit. The instructions included in your email were very helpful and when the kits were delivered I was able to immediately go out and get the other material needed. I completed 2 three foot ramps in less than an hour.

Posted December 9, 2014

A few months ago, a friend mentioned that she needed help to find a ramp, so she could get her husband in a wheelchair out of the house and down onto the sidewalk. After searching online, and visiting a local dealer, I found that the commercial ramps were too short and steep, and very expensive.


Then I happened to notice the wheelchairrampkits web site. The simplicity and low cost of the kit gave me the impression that I could build a ramp myself.


I called Chuck a couple of times to ask questions. He was always very courteous and helpful. So I ordered the kit, which he shipped promptly. The ramp I constructed used the kit with three sixteen-foot long 2 x 12 kiln dried fir boards, and two 1 x 4 side rails. That length provided a slope of less than 5 degrees, which made if quite easy for the wheelchair to be brought up and down the ramp.


The friends continue to express their appreciation and feeling of freedom that the ramp gives them to get the wheelchair in and out of their home. And even if a suitable ramp could have been obtained, it would have cost them between one and two thousand dollars more than the total cost of the kit, the wood, and the waterproof stain finish. The metal end pieces of the kit and instructions were the basis for a successful project.

Posted September 15, 2014

Thanks again for the quick turn-around. Furthermore, you’re mailing the wheelchair ramp installation kit early that Friday morning ensured I had it by Wednesday afternoon, and ready to install Thursday morning.


As for the wheelchair ramp installation, the instructions you emailed ahead of the delivery were easy to understand. As a result, the process went smooth as silk.


In conclusion, I finished in less than 2 hours and that’s almost how long it took to purchase the wheelchair ramp material/stock.


Thanks again