About Wheelchair Ramp Kits

My name is Chuck Palmer. I live in Kansas City and am a retired engineer. I have been building these wood wheelchair ramp kits for over 10 years and have included instructions on the wheelchair ramp designs page. These handicap ramp kits provide a variety of ramp designs that can be built as an inexpensive Do-It-Yourself (DIY) project. A wood ramp can be made in sections allowing a single person to build a ramp in nearly any length. I developed these wheelchair ramp kits because I feel that other ramps options are way too expensive.

If you watch the construction video on the wheelchair ramps home page, you can see how easy it is to build a safe wood ramp. My wheelchair ramp kits can be used with pre-cut lumber and bolts that can be purchased from a Home Center or lumberyard.

Wheelchair Ramp Kits Knowledge

* Create a ramp design for the physical topology of your home. It has a gentle enough slope for a caregiver to easily get an occupied wheelchair in and out of a house.

* Use our step-by-step wheelchair ramp specifications to easily build a ramp in a couple of hours. You can buy pre-cut lengths of 2 x 12 lumber and the bolts. The specifications also show how to easily add handrails to our ramp.

My wheelchair ramp kits consist of the critical top and bottom pieces of the ramp. These allow the wheelchair or scooter to safely get on and off the ramp. The universal aluminum top and bottom brackets allow the use of low cost, standard lengths of lumber. These are used for straight ramps, doorway threshold ramps, and ‘L’ shaped ramps. A landing allows an ‘L’ shaped ramp where there is not enough room for a long straight ramp.

I have created these wheelchair handicap ramp kits to allow for the construction of an inexpensive ramp.  No one has a need for these ramps, unless they have a critical physical problem that needs addressing. Often this decision needs to be made during a stressful time. To make it easier for you, there is a lot of knowledge about wheelchair ramp kits on this website. I suggest you look under the ‘Ramp Options’ tab above. That way, you will have all the needed information to choose the correct wood ramp solution for your situation, regardless of where you obtain your ramp.

If you live in the Kansas City metro area, I also offer wheelchair ramp rentals.  Just give me a call to obtain a free site evaluation and price quote, with no obligation. I will determine the optimum design and entry solution for your situation, regardless of whether one of my wheelchair handicap ramp kits would work for you.  Call 913-553-1488 for an appointment. Telephone consultations are also free. Many customers email their site pictures to me from their phones, so we can see if my wheelchair ramp kits could be the solution for your particular situation.