Wheelchair Ramps - DIY

for less than $200.00

Wheelchair ramps DIY (Do-It-Yourself) is a kit for a simple residential wheelchair ramp construction project. The wood and bolts can be purchased from a home center store. Nearly anyone can easily build straight ramps for home access in less than two hours. This inexpensive option is an alternative to purchasing an aluminum or a custom contractor-built ramp. Our kit ramps are also a very cost effective solution for temporary requirements. The Wheelchair Ramp Options tab above takes you to other pages for DIY Wheelchair Ramp Design and Construction. All handicap ramps can be made to meet ADA compliance.

Wheelchair Ramps - DIY

  1. Residential wheelchair ramps DIY are designed to use pre-cut lumber and bolts purchased from a Home Center store. In most cases, even ramps that are exposed to the elements do not need “treated” wood.  Untreated wood will last outdoors for 10-15 years. Call us if you are considering using treated wood for your residential ramp, even for outdoor use. Non-slip surface treatments are covered in the construction info that is included with each ramp kit order.
  2. Watch our construction wheelchair ramps DIY video by clicking the thumbnail below:

No measuring or cutting because this is an assembly project. So almost anyone can build inexpensive DIY wheelchair ramps. You can build straight wood ramps up to 16’ long in 2 hours. Total installed cost for a 10’ ramp would be about $200. Contact us on how one person can build a ramp that is “sectional” to address ramp needs of nearly any length.

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  1. These ramps are cost effective as a permanent or temporary solution for patients going through a Rehab program.
  2. DIY Wheelchair Ramp Construction Plans and Designs under the Ramp Details tab at top of page include Straight, 90 degree turns, Walking ramps, Sectional and Doorway Threshold ramps.
  3. Hand Rails are a simple and low cost option to add. They are used for people that have trouble negotiating steps. Free hand rail construction plans are included in our ramp construction documentation.
  4. New Sectional/Modular Wheelchair Ramps – construction information is now available so that one person can make a residential ramp in sections to be as long as desired. The entire ramp can be built off site and hauled to jobsite for quick assembly. More information is on the Construction page under Ramp Details. Call to request a free document to see how you build the vertical supports to connect the ramp sections together.
  5. Our inexpensive ramp kit includes:

    • Heavy gauge aluminum top and bottom brackets that will not stain your porch or sidewalk.
    • Detailed step-by-step construction plans.
    • A complete list of tools and the materials you need to purchase for your project.

We know the right questions to ask and advise you of the ramp design to achieve the proper slope for your unique situation before you purchase anything. We invite you to take advantage of our residential wheelchair ramps DIY expertise at no cost or obligation.